Vision And Core Competencies

Our vision is to become the most innovative, customer-centric, best-in-class and sustainable fuel distribution terminal in Myanmar. At PSW, our passion is to find the solutions and innovations in order to help power the growth of the community and the Myanmar economy. Whether you will be our clients, our partners, or the regulatory bodies at government offices, we will be relentlessly working to make sure that together we will change Myanmar for the better.


As people is our most valued asset, and in order to ensure long term growth and success, PSW organization is committed to the 7 core competencies, focusing resources on building and maintaining the skills that contribute to these competencies.

Core Value

Our Core Values begins and ends with the commitment to our customers, our communities and especially to our employees. PSW is committed to the safe and sustainable operation of its facilities.


Our Goal, simply put, is “Zero Incident and Zero Impact to the Environment.

Corporate Governance

PSW applies sound corporate governance structures and processes, which the board considers pivotal to delivering sustainable growth in the interests of all stakeholders. PSW’s values-driven culture and code of ethics underpin its governance structures and processes, committing the company to high standards of business integrity and ethics in all its activities. Governance structures and processes are reviewed regularly, and adapted to accommodate internal developments and reflect national and international best practice.


The board considers corporate governance to be a priority and endeavours to go beyond minimum compliance where appropriate. The board will therefore consider all new non-statutory corporate governance concepts carefully and will implement them if they are deemed to be in PSW’s best interests. The application of governance requirements should facilitate, not detract from, the directors’ ability to execute their statutory and fiduciary responsibilities, and their duty of care and skill.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy, embodied in the PSW Operations Model, is driven by our keen focus on Operational Excellence, with a disciplined approach to Talent Development. Together, these provide a platform for long-term, sustainable growth.


Our People drive our success. We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions, and continued professional development opportunities, as well as inclusive environments where our colleagues’ ideas are valued. We are also committed to improving the communities where we work and live.

PSW’s 15 tips for Safer and More Reliable Operations

The following are PSW’s 15 tips for Safer and More Reliable Operations. These 15 tips are meant to provide the general guidance for all employees on the correct attitude and the focus to manage the criticality on the safety aspect of the whole operation here at PSW terminal. These are also the behavioural attributes that the PSW management would expect all employees to demonstrate during their normal works so that performance can be sustained with continuous improvement spirit injected in all the things we do.


At PSW, all our employees are expected to:

• Understand each and every of the 15 tips and practice them every day;
• Take personal responsibility for the safety of the co-workers in addition to yours;
• Pay attention to your environment in which you work and practice LISTEN, LOOK and ACT;
• Exert the authority to stop any unsafe activities.


Employees at every level are expected to perform their duties with alertness, due thought, full knowledge, sound judgment, and a proper sense of accountability. Most importantly, while at work each day, we are all on the journey of learning, all employees are also expected to commit to helping someone else to learn. This can be a hugely rewarding process. And at the end of the day, the whole organization grows. This is how we build this organization into a fully empowered team.

The Facility & Design

All storage tanks are all designed and built to meet API standard for maximum environmental protection and efficiency. And the jetty is designed for maximum utilization complete with concrete breasting deck and mooring dolphins. It can accommodate 35,000 DWT ocean tankers or 4 river barges at both inner berth and outer berth. And for tanker mooring, it is equipped with quick release hook (QRH) for maximum safety during any emergency. Two foam monitor guns each at 1,500 lpm capacity are also erected at 15 m high at jetty to minimize any potential risk.


For discharge of fuels from ocean tankers, jetty is fitted with 2 marine loading arm (MLA) design to cater to the extreme tidal difference at Yangon river. MLA is fitted with two stage alarm system with signal hard-wired to CCR for control of safe operation.


At truck loading bay (TLB), all bays are fitted with top and bottom loading capability c/w overfill protection, grounding cable and interlock, gas detection system and emergency shutdown device to ensure the maximum safety during operations.

Asset Integrity Strategy

In order to ensure the continued and reliable services to our clients, PSW terminal has adopted the “Reliability Centered” maintenance program by employing preventive maintenance program to all the critical equipment.


For the effectiveness of conducting preventive maintenance for all critical equipment, PSW employs the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to centralize maintenance information and facilitate all the preventive maintenance activities. This includes the monitoring of PPM schedule, spare parts inventory management, optimization of the equipment utilization, and KPI and dashboard management.


With the focus on terminal uptime, our maintenance strategy is clear:

Increase the reliability of all operating facilities through preventive maintenance program to maximize the availability and sustainability of the terminal services to all clients involved.

The Philosophy Behind

In response to increasing emphasis on safety, quality and cost effectiveness in the energy industry, PSW has built the state-of-the-art facility that is complete with automatic process control, automatic overfill prevention system, and safety interlock to ensure accurate information and control to manage the facility’s storage, transfer and distribution operations for its maximum safety and efficiency.


We also have the most advanced fire fighting system, including the foam system utilizing the Alcohol Resistant AFFF foam concentrate complete with automatic pourer system for the tank farm. For tank truck loading and pump station, we are using foam solution deluge system and sprinkler with individual control on different bay for most efficient fire suppression.


All these are for the sole purpose of serving our customers and the community reliably and safely and be the responsible corporate citizen.

How We Work