How We Operate

At PSW, we believe in building a sustainable future for our customers and suppliers, and the communities where we operate. To us, sustainability is a commitment to do the right thing the first time and every time while delivering strong, consistent and reliable services for our customers and the community.


Sustainability at PSW starts with Our Core Value, which includes the commitment to our customers and the community, sound corporate governance and detailed oversight of compliance and safety performance. These core elements can best be reflected in the company culture in the common spirit of collaboration, creativity and innovation to solve our customers’ challenges with solutions to their satisfaction.

Empowered To Make A Difference

PSW is committed to the highest standards of corporate citizenship. We aim to help meet the growing energy requirement here in Myanmar in a way that protects the health and safety of our people, safeguards the environment and contributes to the sustainability of the communities where we operate.


We provide orientation, training, coaching and mentoring to ensure our workforce has the skills, preparation and qualifications necessary to perform work in the field safely and efficiently. We are committed to providing safe, healthy and secure workplaces where all those involved can work free of injury and illness.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At PSW we believe that social responsibility and sustainability are important factors for the long term success of our business. We consider responsible and sustainable business conduct as integral parts of our business values and strategic direction. This means that we will run our business according to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.


Social responsibility is foundational to the culture of our company and to our engagement with the communities where we operate; it includes protecting the health and safety of our workforce, safeguarding the environment and creating a long lasting positive impact on our communities. We will continue to build and strengthen a corporate culture of safety and are committed to minimizing any negative environmental and social impacts of our activities.

We commits to the social responsibility towards our employees and rejecting any form of discrimination in relation to employment or occupation. We want to create the best for our employees, where the framework individual can thrive and develop, with the freedom to create a good work-life balance. We also believe this will positively influence our relationships with our customers and the long term success of the company.

The safety of our workforce is PSW’s first priority and part of our core values. Through our safety programs and practices, we seek to maintain a culture in which employees and contractors keep each other safe on the job, so that everyone across our operations returns home safe every day.

Our commitment to safeguarding the environment is a key aspect of the PSW Value of Social Responsibility and underpins the way we work every day. We believe that protecting the environment is about more than just complying with regulations. It’s about earning our license to operate each and every day and being a valued member of the communities where we work.

The economic sustainability demands to maintain the capital intact through the maximization of the efficient use of all assets so as to maintain stable level of growth for the sustainability of the business. PSW aims to keep the right balance between the quality of growth as well as the quantity.

Safety, Health And Environmental



“PSW is committed to the Safe and Sustainable efficient operation of its facilities. Our goal is zero accident, injury, occupational illness and to protect the environment.”


1. It is our policy to conduct our business that protects health and safety of our employees, contractors, environment and the community
2. All our activities are in compliance with the regulations and ethic standards.
3. An integrated SSHE management system to eliminate accidents and work-related ill health and to protect the environment

Workplace And Process Safety

Our commitment to safety begins at the top of our company, and it is our expectation that this commitment be reinforced at every level. We have enterprise wide safety metrics in our annual incentive plan formula for management and employees. We also conduct leadership site visits and safety observations to engage our organization in safety performance.


For process safety, we focus on understanding and identifying key points within process safety systems that could impact asset integrity and the safe and proper operation of equipment. We address:


  • Design integrity: reducing risks in the design and construction of facilities
  • Technical integrity: inspecting, testing and maintaining hardware and software barriers
  • Operational integrity: working within operational design parameters


In particular, the prospect of preventing any unplanned or uncontrolled loss of primary containment. We do this by raising awareness of risks among our workforce, providing strong safety leadership and maintaining a commitment to continuously improving our process safety procedures, systems and standards.


It is our obligation to evaluate our impact on the people living in the communities where we operate, and on the welfare and conservation of all living things in those areas – from plants to animals. As a responsible corporate citizen, we recognize that our reputation affects our enterprise value and that we must maintain the trust of all our stakeholders.


Our goal of full compliance is embedded in our corporate values and communicated from the highest levels. We deploy dedicated staff and resources to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, international standards and voluntary commitments. However, our desire isn’t just to comply with regulations, but to excel in all that we do and evaluate opportunities to go above and beyond regulatory requirement


We strive for continuous improvement in our environmental impacts, which include water and energy use, air emissions, waste and spills and we continue to invest to further advance our culture of environmental stewardship.

One Team Together To Overcome COVID-19

From the early days of COVID-19, PSW quickly adapted to protect our employees and adjust our terminal operations to meet new demands and challenges while maintaining our priorities of employee safety and customer service.


Though more than one year into the pandemic, our employees are resilient and dedicated as reflected in the commitment to the continued services to all our customers.


Safety is one of our Core Values, and in an effort to elevate further the safety of our employees, their families and the communities in which

we operate, we quickly implemented protocols for facial coverings, good hygiene, social distancing and preauthorization for close contact work, enhanced sanitation and cleaning procedures. In addition, our Emergency Preparedness team instituted an infectious disease and response procedure to address the handling of COVID-related health issues as they arise.


Underlying all our efforts is frequent communication with employees, customers, and suppliers to provide clarity and support where possible during the uncertainties of the pandemic. We are proud of what Celanese has delivered to date and are confident that we will continue to rise to the challenges ahead as we continue to pursue our vision to “improve the world and everyday life though our people, chemistry and innovation.”