Q. How do I apply to join for PSW jobs?
A. If you are interested in joining us, please apply online by filling up the information above “Apply Now” section. Do remember to upload your CV and all those relevant certificates or other documents you deem necessary.
Q. What sorts of PSW jobs are available?
A. We offer a wide range of jobs in many different fields in Terminal Operations and Corporate functions. Specific jobs available vary from year to year and depend on business need and availability.
Q. I can’t find a suitable job on your website; can I still apply?
A. If you have previous oil and gas or terminal experience, you are welcome to apply as there may be job opening afterwards or we may have been in the process of considering additional requirement.
Q. I can’t find a suitable job on your website; do you advertise all your vacancies online?
A. Not all vacancies are advertised online. In some cases, particularly for specialist, technical or leadership roles, we use established recruitment agencies to identify candidates. We also advertise some of our roles in regional, local and trade media.
Q. Do I need to have experience working in the oil and gas or terminal industry to join PSW?
A. That depends on the type of position you’d like to pursue. If you’re interested in a technical role, you need to have the requisite skills and abilities. Other more general business positions like Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, etc., do not require specialized experience in the oil and gas industry but may still be preferred due to its relevant experience.
Q. I have already graduated and have some work experience; am I eligible to apply?
A. Yes. We welcome qualified graduates, whether they have come straight from school or with a few years’ experience under their belts. You should still apply online via our job search engine.
Q. When is the job application deadline?
A. In general, there is no deadline for application; if the job is posted, you may apply at any time.
Q. How long after applying can I expect to wait before hearing anything?
A. The time it takes to review applicants varies. Successful candidates will be contacted very shortly after submitting their application.